Monday 11 July 2011

Periodic Table of QR codes.... of Element videos

I came across this gem while clicking on related videos on YouTube.... They've taken the universal Periodic Table of Elemets and given it a modern twist..... Videos on YouTube explaining the elements one by one... With some great demonstrations and explosions.... Nice!
Go on, admit it, you never thought the Periodic Table of Elements was this interesting before!   And then they go one better.... Add in QR Codes with links to the appropriate Element Video and you have a another great way to reach the boffin' wannabies!

Such a great idea.... I will enjoy going through each element.... over time of course!
Go give them a visit... well worth it.... Get your scanners out and start watching!

The film maker, Brady Haran, is coming to the Science Gallery in Dublin on July 19th to give a talk on the Periodic Videos.  Details of the talk can be found here.

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