Tuesday 5 July 2011

Mary Byrne was voted out for this trash?

via youtube.com

Regardless if you liked Mary Byrne or not, you must admit she could sing and belt 'em out.... But, back in the in December 2010 her X-Factor journey ended over a controversial judges decision despite the start of the show declaring the final places would be decided by public vote only.... So, Mary found herself in the bottom two against Cher Llyod.
Now, Cher also gave it socks, but it was becoming apparent that there was no originality to her. She was even declaring the "raps" as her own, despite them being clearly ripped off from actual artists.
Anyhow, my point is this.... Mary Byrne was ejected from X-Factor to make way for Cher Llyod who was going to be a superstar.... Apparently.... But, not with this trash! Swagger Jagger my arse!

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