Friday 18 March 2011

Tom Cruise: 30 Years, 36 Movies, more to come...

Doesn't matter what you think about the man's ideals, you cannot deny that he has been part of some great movies over the last 30 years.  He's always been good to his fans too and at every premier, he has kept all the big wigs waiting while he goes around talking to his fans outside... Even talking to their families on their phones! Here is a great movie short, show casing his various roles over the past 30 years... Worth a look if your are a fan.... worth a look if you are not!

He has always made an effort to keep-it-real, getting up close and personal with all the stunts.  One of the most remarkable action heroes of our time, no? Probably the biggest star they've ever had on TopGear too:

The Tom Cruise website is actually really well put together, kudos to the team involved and if they wanna send me any free swag, please do! :-)

Tom, you know, a lot of people say you look a lot like me! :-)


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