Monday 14 March 2011

Closed for Lunch.... Eh, Hello?

In this day and age, I find nothing more annoying than taking time out from your lunch to go and get some errands done.... For most people this is the only time during the week when you'd be able to get certain stuff done, like collect/drop off clothes at the Dry Cleaners, go to the bank, get something in the hardware store, go to the shop... what ever.... But, why is it that some places still close for lunch??? Don't they realise that this is the time most other working people have to be able to visit their premises? If you are closed for lunch, you aren't making money! Isn't that the point of being in business?!

Had some stuff to take the recycling place in Wicklow today, so packed up the car and headed in.... The place was closed from 1230hrs-1400hrs.... I don't even get to take 1.5hours off for lunch! Why do the recycling Nazis get to close up during lunch? Surely they don't all like each other that much that they all go off and have lunch together? Couldn't one of them take a late lunch or early lunch and keep the place ticking over? Infuriating! It's like taking us back to the dark ages!

At least banks now have the sense to open at lunch... But they still let the majority of their staff take their lunch at this time when everyone else is trying to get in there and get their banking done before their lunch hour (or 45minutes) is up! Why not have a early/late lunch in banks! Mind you, with the way things are going, we should be lucky our banks are open at all!

Finally... An Post.... This is the worst offender! Any post office I have ever visited in a small town or village always closes from 1245hrs to 1400hrs.... During lunch time! Heaven forbid that anyone would ever want to send a parcel or a registered letter at this time.... Can't even buy a bleedin' stamp!

"Closed for lunch".... Eh, hello?!

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