Thursday 16 August 2012

The Green Army is coming your way... London 2012 Paralympics, watch out!

It's been a long journey for many, if not all of these athletes, but the London 2012 Paralympics is just around the corner!  It has taken many hours of dedication, training, perseverance, patience, pain, heart ache and exhilaration, excitement and encouragement.  The wait is nearly over and their moment to shine is coming on August 29th....

For some it will be an occasion they have experienced before, knowing what to expect as they step out in the Olympic Stadium, behind their flag, to the roars of the 80000 fans greeting them.  For others, it will be a new feeling, a nervous feeling, a good feeling.  For them all, it will be the biggest stage for them to show the world what they can do!
And what they can do is more than just compete at the highest level. They can inspire, instil spirit, pride and hope in every one of us!  They are true champions, one and all!
They will compete against other nations, fighting their battles as individuals, rising victorious as a team. They will push the limits of endurance to achieve their dreams, to come out as champions, winning the hearts of us all. They will raise their heads high, standing shoulder to shoulder with pride in their hearts.
They are our Paralympians, your Paralympians! Whatever country you're from, whatever country you support, get behind your Paralympians and they will be unstoppable!  

The Green Army is coming.... Watch out London 2012 Paralympics!

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