Tuesday 24 April 2012

Google Drive.... Getting a step closer!

Not sure when it actually happened, but while uploading a PDF into my corporate Google Docs account, I noticed that the amount of storage available had jumped from 1GB* to 5GB approx.  See image below:
Google Apps for Business account

This is an indication that Google Drive is only around the corner and, more importantly, it seems that Google Apps for Business users will be amoung the first to get it.  I say this becuase my own personal Google Apps (formerly Google Apps for Domains) account, the free variety, still only lists 1G* as the total space:
Google Apps the free account

Eitherway, Google Drive will be welcome addition to the Google family of apps, especially if it offers the features of other cloud storage providers!
Here's hoping at least!

What is Google Drive gonna be?
Well, this promo video gives you an insight...

*NOTE: Google Docs only uses this space for non-google doc formatted files.  You have unlimited space for any google docs formatted or converted documents.

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