Monday 19 September 2011

Drive safely in winter conditions

As the weather continues to move closer to what we experienced last winter, it is important to get yourself ready... So, here are my first few tips... Driving in winter conditions:
  1. Make sure you are seated in the correct position... Safety is more important than looking cool!
  2. 10 to 2 is NOT the correct way to hold the wheel. Hold at the brace points.
  3. When the car under steers (the car keeps heading forward even though you are turning), take your foot off the accelerator, do NOT hit the brake, and ease off the steering until the grip returns.
  4. When the car over steers (the back end spins out beyond the turn), immediately turn the wheel into the skid, the side that back end is spinning into, then quickly back into the direction you wanted to go originally.
If your car has an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) installed, most modern cars do, DO NOT PUMP the brakes. Just press firmly, hard and constant... Do not lift off.  When ABS kicks in there will be some vibrations (or pulsing) on the brake pedal. This is normal, as the ABS locks and releases the wheels rapidly allowing for stopping and steering simultainseously. 
The two most important things to remember when driving in winter conditions:
  • Do not speed... take your time!
  • Do not Panic!
More to come, as we get closer to the winter weather!

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