Tuesday 10 May 2011

To be honest, I thought I liked celery....

So, i've decided to try and eat a bit healthier. Looking for that snack food that will kill the craving but not have lasting effects on the auld health, right? Where better to look than the negative-calorie powerhouse that is celery!
Everyone knows that chewing on celery burns more calories that it contains*, so it is the perfect snack food, right?!
I remember
when I was younger how much I liked chewing on celery, but back then the health aspects of it were just wasted on me.  I also remember enjoying the odd celery stick presented as a nibble at many a party. Always seems that the celery sticks out lived their carrot counterparts and got letf on the plate... But, I always tucked in anyway.

So, I headed off to the shop and bought myself some celery, washed and chopped it into sticks.  They are sitting in a glass on the desk, beside me now, as I type.  I have been chewing on them for a while now and it got the thinking....
I thought I liked celery.
But, as i struggle to chew this last bit, I realised what, in fact, it was that I actually liked. Not the celery itself, cause let's face it.... it's pretty boring, right!?  No, what I liked about celery was...  the dips!
Celery is indeed dull and boring without the dip!   So, as a snack food, celery is rubbish.... Calories or not, it just wont cut the mustard!  .... hmmm, mustard.... laters!

*Myths about Celery:
... plus lots more... just searh for myths about celery

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